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  3. How to Properly Cite Your Essays as a Student

How to Properly Cite Your Essays as a Student

Use the following template or our MLA Citation Generator to cite a website. For help with other source types, like books, PDFs, or websites, check out our other guides. To have your reference list or bibliography automatically made for you, try our free citation generator. As we saw, the MLA guidelines advise against using URLs due to the transient nature of many web artefacts.

how to cite a website in an essay

The British Standards do not provide guidance on the correct way to cite online sources. These guidelines are based upon those provided by Bournemouth University, which are available on the web.

Why Do We Cite and Reference?

The source is numbered based on the first time you cite it. You can generally omit page numbers in your in-text citations of online sources which don’t have them. But when you quote or paraphrase a specific passage from a particularly long online source, it’s useful to find an alternate location marker. To reference a website in Harvard style, include the name of the author or organization, the year of publication, the title of the page, the URL, and the date on which you accessed the website. The ‘date of update’ field only applies if the page has been updated since it was published, so don’t worry about this if no updates are listed. The date of access (i.e. the date you accessed the site) is required for all online sources, though. Of course, now it’s difficult to imagine life without the Internet.

  1. Your assignments should result from your own hard work and they need to show academic integrity.
  2. Online videos, such as those on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and Dailymotion, are cited similarly to general web pages.
  3. When writing URL’s, try not to have the address continue over two or more lines.
  4. A poster to the superuser question and answer site likewise recommends footnotes, explaining that “editors simply don’t expect you to cite a piece of code”.

If the website has no author, then I would just write in the text. Martell explores the possibility that in a capitalist society consumers can use ‘the power they have over producers’ (Martell 1994, p.64) to persuade them to produce environmentally friendly goods. However, it can be argued that, in a capitalist society it’s not always the consumers who hold the power to determine what is produced. This is a properly referenced example of the above activity.

Company databases

Apart from a webpage, website, blog or blog post, there are also Wiki pages, Facebook posts and Facebook pages. Harvard referencing has unique formats to cite and reference such sources. Such numbered citations direct the reader to a complete reference list at the end of the manuscript, where all the referenced sources are mentioned. Once a source is cited in the text using a number, the same number is re-used for all subsequent citations belonging to the same source. From the previous section we can see there are a number of elements common to these citations including date, author, product name, version and URL. However, even this level of detail may not be adequate.

  1. According to Smith, students prefer to drink alcohol on weeknights and not the weekends .
  2. When making use of online sources, remember that much of the information on the Internet has not been subject to the rigours of academic peer review one would expect from a book or journal article.
  3. The source is numbered based on the first time you cite it.
  4. IEEE stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers .
  5. And the rise of the smartphone means that we all literally have a world wide web of information at our fingertips, 24/7!

If you can’t get hold of the original source you’ll need to do a secondary reference and you should make clear that you are not using the original source. Only include the source you have used in your list of references following the guidance for citing that type informational essay definition of publication. The information you include in the reference will depend on whether the journal is published in print , only published online, or is a version found in an institutional repository. You can usually tell the difference by looking for page numbers.

What if I can’t find a reference for the exact point I want to make?

He searched on the internet and found a website where he could download essays. He used an essay with a similar topic and made a few changes to try and make it look like his own work. His tutor noticed it was suspicious, and he has been told his work is under investigation for plagiarism. Unless specifically allowed in module or course documentation, the use of the same material in more than one assessment exercise will be subject to penalties. You can download this list as aWord document orPDF to print out or to save for future use.

how to cite a website in an essay

Like any researcher who would want to reproduce the research, I wanted to know which version of the software had been used in the paper. The passive from is often used when https://www.johnecke.de/harper-lee-s-representation-of-the-theme-of-racism/ citing several authors to back up a single point. The example above uses two works by Stamford and one by Ma. You can add adverbs to your reporting verbs if appropriate.

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In such cases, you should put in the name of the website or domain operator. If there is no information regarding the operator either, you can use “n.a.”, which means “no author”. Custom essay is an essay written according to the customer’s needs. Learn more about custom essay in this comprehensive post.

In this example, only Gray et al will appear in the reference list at the end of the assignment, as this is the only one that the student has read as a primary source. You may have been given some advice not to use too many references. This advice means you don’t need to have a long list of authors that you didn’t read properly. Instead, it is better to use fewer texts, but read them in more detail. It is important to provide correct references forany informationwhich you give in your essay. Information could include ideas, facts, phrases, or anything else.

5 Provide additional details in the body of your paper

It would have been better to have submitted no work at all (and receive a 0% mark) than try to cheat . Try using the Turnitin Draft Check site, which will appear in your list of Canvas how long is the average college essay modules. You can check your draft assignments for any text matches. Put assignment deadlines in your diary at the start of every term, and make sure you begin work well in advance.

  1. The reference list or bibliography provides the full details of the source cited.
  2. What to do when you are unable to find words to express your feelings?
  3. For websites, you should note the web URL/address and the date you accessed the site.
  4. You should write the surname first followed by any initials.
  5. It puts perhaps way more emphasis on using abbreviations than other formatting styles do.
  6. Instead, a suffix, like a Roman numeral or Jr./Sr., is written with the author’s name, with a comma coming before the abbreviation/numeral.

You might find it helps your learning to write your notes by hand because it will encourage you to use your own words, and this will also give you more opportunity to understand the information. Denise took notes from different sources on https://feminizacjatwarzy.pl/how-to-write-a-commentary-essay/ the internet by copying and pasting. When it came to writing her essay, she took ideas from all the sources she had read. Finding it hard to put the ideas into her own words she often copied word for word but did not use quotation marks.

Guidance and support

Include the title of the piece; this could be the name of the book, the title of a journal article how to write commentary in an argumentative essay or webpage. For books you should also include the edition to make finding information easier.

how to cite a website in an essay

This article is available to download for free as a PDF for use as a personal learning tool or for use in the classroom as a teaching resource. The English department requires that you reference your essays in accordance with either the Chicago Manual of Style or the MLA Style guide. For information on how to reference correctly please see our page on referencing. Develop the skills you need to make the most of your time as a student. Record as much information as possible in references to make finding the original work simple.

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In IEEE referencing, citations are numbered in the order of their appearance in the manuscript. A bibliography is all the references you have consulted when researching your assignment – whether or not they have been referred to in the text of your assignment. A references section should only contain those references actually cited in the text.

A Quick Guide to Harvard Referencing | Citation Examples To reference in Harvard style, cite the author and year directly in the text, and list full source details in a reference list at the end. May also be included in the body of your classification and division definition work to help the reader identify the section that relates to the full citation on your works cited page. These are also known as parenthetical citations, as they’re often enclosed , and MLA refers to them as citations in prose.

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